There are very few things that are more stressful and emotional than going through a divorce or family law matter.  Karyn A. Villar has been assisting clients with matrimonial and family law matters in Suffolk County for more than two decades. She handles all aspects of divorce cases from simple uncontested divorces to complex high net-worth divorces.  Well-versed in Family Law, Karyn has represented hundreds of clients in various Family Court matters, including custody cases, support cases, Orders of Protection proceedings, neglect proceedings, juvenile delinquency cases, and adoptions.  Ms. Villar understands both the financial and emotional importance of these cases and works closely with all of her clients to seek the best possible outcome, whether it be through negotiation or litigation. She proudly works with all types of families, including same-sex couples. Contact her office today if you need assistance with a divorce or family law matter for an honest, experienced assessment of your case.

Practice Areas

Divorce/Separation: Going through a divorce is an emotional process. You are in the untenable position of having to make decisions that will impact the rest of your life at one of the worst times of your life.  To protect your rights, and your sanity, you need an experienced attorney who will not only walk you through the process, but be with you every step of the way.  From the initial consultation to the final entry of a Judgment of Divorce, you will be provided with expert legal advice and personalized attention.

Matrimonial Law: Whether you are getting married and are considering a prenuptial agreement, or are already divorced and need assistance in enforcing or modifying the existing court orders, Ms. Villar will advise you as to your legal rights and help formulate a course of action that works best for your individual needs.

Family Law: Family law issues, especially those that involve children are some of the most difficult cases for everyone involved.  The Family Court handles thousands of cases each month, including child custody cases, support matters, child neglect proceeding, persons in need of supervision cases, and Orders of Protection applications.  While these cases are never easy, having an experienced, knowledgeable attorney representing you will provide you with peace of mind allowing you to focus on what is best for you and your family.

Collaborative Law: Amicable divorces can often be resolved without involvement from the courts. In a collaborative divorce, the separating spouses work together with the assistance of their attorneys to reach an equitable agreement. This process often eliminates the hard feelings that a contested divorce can bring and also helps the larger families remain on better terms, especially when children are involved.

Mediation: Mediation is an alternative method of settling a contested divorce. With the help of a neutral mediator, the parties work together to find common ground to create solutions that are mutually beneficial. Like a collaborative divorce, mediation can help the divorce process remain amicable.  Ms. Villar has served as both a mediator and as the attorney reviewing the documents prepared by a mediator on behalf of a party.